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In an effort to minimize incident impact and ensure timely response, we offer our clients a monitoring service for their IT environment. This allows us to respond to service interruptions in a timely manner and initiate the resolution process even before the problem is first reported by the client.

Server monitoring

When it comes to server monitoring, we utilize the configuration of integrated hardware management cards directly from vendors in collaboration with operating system settings. This allows us to detect hardware failures, storage shortages, and availability of key applications in a timely manner.

Network monitoring

To ensure proper network monitoring, we operate our own real-time monitoring platform to capture network device failures. We use ICMP and SNMP protocols to monitor availability and proactively capture alerts or warnings to prevent potential downtime.

Endpoint monitoring

We offer our clients tools for remote monitoring and management of endpoint devices. Based on analysis, preferences, and budget of the client, we propose a suitable platform for monitoring endpoints (e.g. Microsoft Endpoint Manager, ESET Remote Administrator, Icinga).

UPS monitoring

Our UPS monitoring service is designed to ensure that backup power sources are functioning correctly by monitoring all relevant parameters. We use integrated monitoring cards from vendors or the NUT (Network UPS Tools) software tool to keep track of the status of the backup power source and immediately alert the client of any power outages.

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