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MBOX Digital Signage

Our MBOX digital signage solution is a powerful tool for retailers looking to drive customer engagement and increase sales. With MBOX, you can deliver dynamic and targeted content that captures attention and drives action. Our platform also includes powerful content management tool known as MBOX LIVE, to help you optimize your messaging in real-time. Whether you're a small shop or a large retail chain, MBOX is the perfect solution to help you stand out in a crowded marketplace.

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Features & Benefits

  • Plug and Play solution - simply attach power with network cable, and all further configurations are handled by our CMS (Content Management Server)
  • Content management by our team - entrust us with your content, and we'll handle the distribution to your advertising screens.
  • Cost-Efficient - by automatically powering down screens during off-hours, we not only conserve energy but also keep your costs in check, using regular, cost-effective TV screens.
  • Merchandising - we provide integration interfaces for executing marketing initiatives and bolstering impulse buying. Your customers will be instantly exposed to tailor-made advertising as they shop.

Digital displays

MBOX digital signage solution is designed to support wide platform of digital displays for both indoor and outdoor environments. Contact us for choosing the right digital display that best suits your needs.

How it works

Plug and play

Experience hassle-free installation with MBOX Digital Signage - the player that comes equipped with USB and Ethernet inputs and an HDMI output for seamless integration with your display devices. Simply plug in and play - it's that easy. Whether you already have a stable internet connection in your business operations or need one supplied, MBOX is designed to work right out of the box, allowing you to get up and running in no time.

Streamlined management

"Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple devices and playlists with MBOX Digital Signage's streamlined management feature. With our centralized control system, you can easily create playlists and manage content across all MBOX devices from a single location. Whether you're at your desk or on the go, our cloud-based solution MBOX LIVE allows you to control your MBOX players and connected LCD/LED screens from any device with internet access, giving you the flexibility and convenience to manage your digital signage network on your terms.

Intuitive interface

With MBOX LIVE's cloud-based solution, you can easily update your playlist, upload new video files, create custom playlists, schedule the number of repeats, the order, and the playback time of video files. With MBOX LIVE, you can control one or several dozen or hundred LCD/LED screens with the MBOX multimedia player. This way, you can easily create your own digital advertising network. With just a few clicks over the internet, you can flexibly change the ad, which can be the same across the entire network or different at each point of sale.


"With the 'Merchandising' feature, MBOX seamlessly integrates with external systems to bolster sales through instant advertising. When an item is registered in your point-of-sale system, the regular content playback is momentarily paused, and your customers are immediately presented with targeted advertisements. This tailored advertising significantly influences your customers' decision-making process (nearly 75% of customers make their purchasing decision while in store).

Use cases

  • Promote both your own products and those of your suppliers.
  • Showcase your complete product portfolio to customers, including demonstrations of their use.
  • Instantly inform your customers about your promotions, news, discounts, or your own events.
  • Easily change or update your advertising content during the day without incurring any additional costs.

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