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Linux administration

Looking for reliable partner for managing your Linux server infrastructure? Our team specializes in delivering complex solutions tailored to meet even the most demanding SLA criteria, ensuring optimal service availability. Backed by a squad of seasoned Linux administrators, we craft customized strategies to keep your infrastructure running smoothly, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency. With years of hands-on experience and expert know-how, we guarantee rock-solid performance for your Linux servers.

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What we offer

  • Patch management - securing all necessary security updates for installed packages.
  • Upgrade - monitoring end of support dates for existing OS versions and upgrading to latest supported versions.
  • Hardening - securing your systems against cybertattacks by reducing the attack surface.
  • Configuration - configuring server OS with regards to client's demands (e.g. volume groups, network interfaces, firewall rules).
  • Skripting - scripting all repetitive tasks for achieving process automation.
  • Virtualization - utilizing maximum system resources through suitable virtualization platform (e.g. Xen hypervisor, Vmware).
  • Monitoring - choosing suitable parameters for monitoring system state and setting up thresholds for automatic notifications (e.g. disk usage, CPU utilization, hardware component failure).
  • Backups - setting up optimal backup policy with effective disk space usage (e.g. incremental backups, tape backups).
  • Redundancy - creating active / standby environments for securing high availability with immediate failover through automatic data and configurations transfers.
  • Disaster recovery - designing a reliable plan for re-establishing your operations and data recovery in response to unplanned incidents.
  • Troubleshooting - aiming to find the root cause of any incident in order to prevent future service disruptions.
Linux administration

What we use

  • BIND - DNS server for resolving domain names to associated IP addresses.
  • Postfix - SMTP server managing outgoing e-mail (Mail Transfer Agent).
  • Dovecot - IMAP server for storing and managing incoming e-mail.
  • Horde / Roundcube - web-based e-mail client bundled with groupware package (calendar, notes, tasks).
  • Samba - file and print services for various Microsoft Windows clinets that enables mapped network drives.
  • Samba AD - domain services with complete support for Active Directory.
  • SFTP - an implementation of SFTP protocol that allows secure file transmission.
  • Xen - free and open-source hypervisor serving as an alternative to Vmware or Microsoft Hyper-V.
  • Apache - web server for hosting multiple websites.
  • PHP / Java / Ruby interpreter - programs designed for direct execution of programming languages PHP, Java, Ruby.
  • MariaDB / PostgreSQL / SQLite - relational database managemenet systems for data management.
  • Cron - job scheduler for task automation.
  • Rsync - smart utility for transferring and synchronizing files between computer and a storage drive.
  • OpenVPN / Wireguard - VPN server for establishing secure connections between numerous endpoints.
  • Logrotate - system utility for managing automatic rotation and compression of log files.
  • Icinga / Cacti - sophisticated monitoring tools for network and device monitoring.
  • Megacli - CLI utility for managing hardware RAID without the need for downtime.
  • Bacula - complex backup & recovery tool for creating incremental backups.

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