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IT solutions

At GSYSTEM, we have extensive experience in implementing a wide range of IT solutions tailored to your specific needs. Depending on your requirements, we can recommend a suitable platform to achieve your goals. We can also provide many platforms as open-source alternatives to commercial products, giving you greater control and a more cost-effective solution. Let us help you find the best IT solution for your business needs.

CRM system

Customer Relationship Management, or CRM system for short, is a fundamental pillar of a functional sales department. Gain a comprehensive overview of your customers, business opportunities, and monitor the activity of your sales representatives. With installation in our cloud environment, you'll receive full functionality of the entire solution without any additional fees for user licenses.

File hosting system

File Hosting System provides a unified space for storing all of your company documents and managing access rights to individual files. With our service, you'll be able to streamline your document management and improve collaboration among your team members. We offer both commercial platforms like Microsoft Sharepoint, with monthly fees per user, and open-source platforms like Nextcloud, which we can install in our cloud environment at no extra cost per user.

PBX system

Are you using traditional landline phones for your business communication needs? Whether it's calls between employees in the building, reception operations, or customer calls, a functional and flexible PBX system is essential. Our PBX system, built on the open-source Asterisk + FreePBX platform, integrates seamlessly with the public phone network through selected operators, providing reliable and cost-effective communication solutions for your business. With our expertise, you can trust us to keep your communication lines open and your business running smoothly.

CCTV system

A reliable CCTV system is a fundamental security element for monitoring any premises. At GSYSTEM, we offer a cost-effective solution based on the open-source platform ZoneMinder. For more demanding customers, we provide the commercial solution cWatch Pro, which allows an unlimited number of cameras to be connected through sophisticated cluster management.

Attendance system

Do you need to effectively manage employee attendance or their movements within your facility? We provide access management and attendance tracking through our partnership with the Aktion.NEXT system. With our solution implemented at your location, we can offer attendance tracking through terminals or mobile applications, access control through sensors, and integration with payroll systems.

Mail & Calendar

Looking for a reliable and efficient way to manage your company's emails and calendars? Our Mail & Calendar service allows you to operate your emails on your own domain and share calendars with your colleagues. We offer commercial platforms such as Microsoft Exchange (Office 365) with monthly fees per user, or an open-source platform Horde, installed in our cloud environment, with no fees per user. With our service, you can streamline your email and calendar operations and improve your team's collaboration.

Wiki system

Our Wiki system provides an intuitive tool for sharing information about your products or maintaining closed internal documentation. Our solution is based on the open-source platform DokuWiki, installed in our cloud environment for easy access. You may already be familiar with the concept of wikis through the world's largest encyclopedia, Wikipedia. Whether you need to share information with a wider audience or keep your documentation secure and private, our Wiki system can help optimize your information management.

Project management

Looking for a tool to efficiently manage your projects and tasks? The right project management platform will allow you to keep track of projects, manage tasks, track time, and hold discussions. For our clients, we offer a solution in the form of the open-source platform Redmine, which, with installation in our cloud environment, provides full functionality of the entire solution without charges for each user. With Redmine, you can enhance your project management process and increase productivity.

DevOps system

DevOps system is an essential tool for development companies seeking to deliver their applications and related services to customers as efficiently as possible. One of the leading DevOps platforms is undoubtedly GitLab, which we provide to our customers in the form of Community Edition without licensing fees or Enterprise Edition with direct manufacturer support.


Looking for a virtualization platform without licensing fees? XEN platform is a reliable hypervisor originally developed at the University of Cambridge and currently supported by the internationally recognized Linux Foundation with support from brands like Intel, Citrix, AWS, and more. With the XEN Orchestra GUI, we can provide customers with an intuitive and cost-effective virtualization environment.

Active Directory

Our Active Directory service offers a simple and efficient way to manage users, devices, and groups within your enterprise. We can implement either Microsoft Active Directory or the open-source alternative Samba4 to provide you with a solution that best fits your needs and budget. Let us help you streamline your IT infrastructure and boost productivity with our Active Directory service.


Our "RADIUS AAA" service is designed to provide an efficient solution for user authentication in networks. With an open-source RADIUS authentication system based on the FreeRadius application, it's fast, reliable, and completely license-free. Our solution supports various authentication methods, including custom databases, LDAP, Active Directory, and more, making it a versatile option for any organization looking to enhance their network security.

IT asset management

Looking for an efficient way to manage your IT devices and resources? We utilize the open-source platform GLPI, which provides a complete solution for tracking and managing your IT resources. With the ability to set custom attributes, track change history, and monitor device status, you'll save time and ensure more efficient management of your IT resources. Don't let the task of IT asset management become overwhelming!

Domain registration

Building your online identity starts with a quality domain, whether it's for your website or business. As an official registrar of the .sk top-level domain, we can help you register and configure any available 1st level domain on the market. Trust us to handle the entire domain registration process for you, so you can focus on building your brand and growing your online presence.

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