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App development

We specialize in developing customized applications according to our clients' needs. In our work, we prefer to use the agile software development methodology, which emphasizes active collaboration with clients to fine-tune the system to their desired level with the help of their feedback.

Web apps

Web apps are currently one of the most sought-after forms of modern application software. They can be accessed through a web browser without requiring any installations, and can be used across different platforms. We use proven application frameworks in our development process, which helps us to shorten the implementation time.

Desktop apps

Desktop apps are a traditional form of application software, in which we develop applications for specific platforms. They can operate independently of an internet connection and can be finely tailored to a specific platform. Using programming languages such as C++ or Python, we develop native desktop applications for the Linux operating system.

Hardware programming

We also offer hardware programming services as part of our app development service. This includes programming for cash register printers, barcode readers, driver modifications, media players, sensors, and other hardware components. We use high-level programming languages such as C and Python to manipulate hardware components.

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