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Web GPS Collector

Web GPS Collector is an innovative web application designed to assist companies in implementing new logistics systems. With the help of this application, you can obtain important information about the locations where deliveries are made and simulate a new logistics system to ensure that your investment is well thought out and effective.

Web app

Based on the list of delivery locations from the client's ERP system, the application displays these locations in a table within the web interface. Using the Google API, the approximate location of the delivery is identified. The user of the application can then quickly and easily determine precise GPS coordinates of the delivery location, the route, and the parking GPS coordinates. These exact GPS coordinates of the delivery locations are then exported into the new logistics system, which can simulate the delivery process and provide companies with important information on the efficiency of the new logistics system.


  1. Client’s data about customer addresses are pulled from ERP using SOAP / REST API.
  2. A web GUI implementing Google Maps API is created to pinpoint GPS locations.
  3. Client’s user uses GUI to pinpoint GPS coordinates to exact parking & delivery locations.
  4. A formatted output is generated in accordance to client’s logistics system.
  5. Client’s logistics system imports GPS locations for calculating best routes.

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