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Textbook Distribution Middleware

Textbook Distribution Middleware was developed as an effective tool for companies to ensure the distribution of textbooks to Slovak schools. By processing orders from the Ministry of Education's publishing portal and subsequently communicating with third-party distribution software, we have created an efficient tool for effectively connecting both organizations.


The Textbook Distribution Middleware system automatically retrieves information about new orders for textbook distribution through web services. Information about new orders is presented to the client's distribution software either through web services or by direct database insertion. After the distribution process is completed, it also processes data on delivery notes, which it communicates back to the Ministry of Education's publishing portal.


  1. Schools send their textbook orders to Ministry of Education
  2. Middleware pulls the orders using API services.
  3. Middleware inserts the orders into Oracle Data Warehouse.
  4. Oracle Data Warehouse prepares the orders for distribution.
  5. After the distribution process Delivery notes are sent to Oracle Data Warehouse.
  6. Delivery notes are pulled from Oracle DWH by Middleware.
  7. Ministry of Education is informed about Delivery Notes.
  8. Textbooks are shipped to associated schools.

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