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eKasa Verification Tool

The eKasa Verification Tool assists merchants in reducing the risk of inconsistencies between revenue records in their accounting system and the eKasa system. By using the eKasa Verification Tool application, you can quickly compare your sales data with the records in the Financial Administration of the Slovak Republic, thereby avoiding potential penalties.

Risk management

As of July 1, 2019, an updated law (289/2008 Z.z) on the use of electronic cash registers came into effect in Slovakia, mandating the use of certified cash registers connected to the eKasa system by merchants. While operating the system, a situation may arise where the revenue records in the Financial Administration are inconsistent with those in your accounting system. To tackle this issue, we have developed the eKasa Verification Tool, which can process and compare records of up to 100,000 receipts per month and effectively detect any discrepancies.


  1. Client logs into FA portal and downloads transaction data in CSV format.
  2. eKasa Verification Tool imports the CSV files
  3. Sales data is exported from client's accounting system (e.g. using REST / SOAP API or DB calls) to the eKasa Verification Tool.
  4. The client is alerted to any discrepancies found and can implement corrective measures.

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