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E-commerce Supplier Selector

Our E-commerce Supplier Selector is the ultimate solution for online store owners who want to streamline their pricing and inventory management. With our application, you can save valuable time and effort while achieving maximum efficiency. You will have complete visibility over the prices and stock levels of your products, allowing you to make informed decisions about which supplier offers you the best value for your money.


E-commerce Supplier Selector is a backend tool that helps you automate the pricing and stock availability process of your products. Through communication with selected supplier systems and your e-commerce platform, it ensures smooth and efficient transfer of information. When creating a new product on your platform, you simply set the product ID as it is set by your suppliers. E-commerce Supplier Selector then downloads these products and searches for them in supplier systems. One product can thus be searched for in multiple supplier systems.


Our solution works in a few simple steps. First, it checks the stock availability at the suppliers. Among the suppliers who have the product in stock, it selects the one with the lowest price. It then adds the margin to the price and communicates back to the e-commerce platform. It sets the stock availability and the price + margin for the online store operator, and informs them about the preferred supplier to source the product from. The frequency of updates can be set to any desired interval.

Supported platforms

E-commerce platforms

  • Adobe Commerce (predtým Magento 2)

Supplier platforms

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