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Aspera Retail Platform

Aspera introduces a comprehensive platform for managing high-volume point-of-sale operations, comprising of two components - client-side (Aspera Secure Retail Desktop) and server-side (Aspera Secure Retail Management) - that together form a reliable and fast retail ecosystem.

Aspera Secure Retail Desktop

The client side of the platform includes native applications and an operating system with the ability to run third-party point-of-sale applications. In addition, the platform also offers a chat tool for easy communication between retailers and sales personnel, as well as integration with MBOX digital signage units for better presentation of current bargains.

Aspera Secure Retail Management

The server side of the platform ensures connection to the central manager and a VPN network that provides reliable connection for all clients. With centralized management, all updates, downgrades, and changes on individual devices can be executed in bulk, saving time and increasing operational efficiency.

Native applications

The Aspera Retail platform contains numerous native applications that satisfy all customer needs. These applications include credit top-ups for phone carriers, parcel pickups, electronic money sales Paysafecard, coupon sales for the Fortuna betting, PIN codes for XBOX, SONY, Alza, and many more.

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